Buying from our Greenhouse, you will never have to worry about getting a product that has been picked before its ready and trucked 1,500 miles and has no flavor.

What you buy from the farm is filled with flavor and natural goodness.

  • 5 types of Lettuce
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Root Vegetables
  • Custom Growing


Operating year round, Kott Valley Farms is proud to be a natural sustainable producer with all natural and  organic products used for production. We recycle our water and use less  than 1/10 of the water used in conventional growing producing a superior product in a much smaller footprint.

                         CHRISTMAS DECOR     

Commercial Worldwide Christmas Decorations was our speciality for the past 35 years in Miami. Providing services to the Hospitality Industry including Hotels, Cruise Lines, Restaurants and Condominiums. In Texas, we now bring this decor to you at Wholesale Pricing. We have Thousands of lights, both LED and Incandescent, along with hundreds of  Ornaments, Trees, Garlands, Arches, Wreaths and Figurines.

Our Artificial trees are decorated and undecorated with LED lights and are available for purchase. Theme Trees are also available to enhance your Space.

We are available to meet you at your location and discuss  your needs so that you can take advantage of this unique oportunity to aquire high-end decor at an incredible price.